Tech Stream is the best website and application hosting company in Abu Dhabi. We provide all software solutions. Our goal is to provide the best web hosting solutions that are fast and reliable, we are still very proud of our team’s accomplishments!

Since our inception, we have helped our clients provide outstanding hosting services.

Why hosting websites and applications is important for your business?!!

These days, web hosting as well as applications is essential, it is simply not possible to run a successful organization without a website. Successful hosting is the basis for the success of the application or website because it is responsible for its stability and delivery to customers.

Not all hosting solutions should be treated as a one-size-fits-all solution because every customer’s needs are different, we work closely with each customer to determine the right mix of hosting capabilities and technologies.

The Most Important Reasons for Choosing Hosting Services with TechStream

Are you the owner of a new website or application?

The Tech Stream team provides assistance when needed – 24/7/365, via phone, live chat, and email.

Do you need flexible and affordable hosting for a new project?

Tech Stream services provide a wide range of hosting options that suit your project.Are you looking for reliable hosting for a website or application?

We take every precaution to maintain a 100% uptime rate while keeping your data secure.

Do You Want More?

We are going to give you an easy to use and awesome website builder with many templates and easy to use tools. And we have a team of professionals in building smart apps and websites who can support you continuously.

Do you want to start a web or mobile application hosting, or take your existing hosting business to the next level? Our hosting services allow you to get the best services.

You can get unlimited plans for successful hosting from Tech Stream

  • Cloud reseller account:We'll also give you a free domain reseller account with their own website so you can sell your customers' domains, SSL certificates, custom IPs, and more under your own brand! We'll also give you several free billing system options so you can keep track of your customers and payments for you.
  • Quick Websites and apps:We use global networks that span more than 200 cities in 100 countries, reducing latency and time-to-the-first-byte by delivering content closer to visitors. Each data center manages an integrated set of performance features that address the most common causes of underperformance. These features help solve many of the underlying issues that slow down the delivery of applications over the Internet. From fast web address lookups to fast delivery to the origin server, our website and app hosting service speeds up your traffic.
  • Immediate setup after payment:We care that you get the service directly without any wasted time, so we create a fast hosting service within 5 minutes that you receive via email.
  • Network Uptime Guarantee:We stand behind our 100% uptime guarantee. Due to the type of network we use, we are able to provide this level of assurance.
  • Comprehensive protection:Comprehensive protection secures entire websites, applications, and networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised. Free SSL Every account receives our free SSL installed for all domains.

Types of Web Hosting from Tech Stream The Best Web Hosting company in UAE

  • Shared web hosting:Shared web hosting gives you a full range of features at an affordable price for descriptive websites.
  • WordPress hosting:Our managed WordPress hosting gives you speed and performance with a full suite of features and speed of performance.
  • VPS web hosting:Dedicated resources increase reliability, with multiple levels of management options...all at a low price.
  • Dedicated hosting:Our new and advanced dedicated offerings are an added strength that increases server performance to meet any needs.