Now more than ever, social media is the best way to invest, to maximize your online presence, the Tech Stream team, the best social media marketing company in UAE, integrates social media marketing services into your overall marketing strategy.

Our social media marketing services can attract followers, build awareness and convert them into loyal customers.

The social media management campaigns implemented and supervised by our team for our small business or enterprise clients is a testament to our mastery and expertise.

What is social media management?

A set of customized strategies that promote excellent customer engagement With the development of social media, a recent study showed that 57% of consumers follow a brand’s social media pages to learn about new products or services, that’s why brands must make sure that they publish content that enhances communication with Followers, instead of posting promotional ads to users without any thought or purpose.

Social Media Management is a sub-discipline of Social Media Marketing (SMM) that covers the planning, crafting, and dissemination of content on social platforms. It also includes regular audits of social profiles and audience research.

Why do companies need social media marketing?

Marketing experts, entrepreneurship professionals, business owners, and marketers all confirm that social media is an important part of any digital strategy.
Successful businesses turn to social media marketing strategies when launching a company or brand.

There are many elements to planning and executing if you hope to succeed across social platforms, keep in mind that it takes experience and skill from creating an overall strategy, publishing and scheduling high-quality content, responding to customer feedback, interacting with users, setting up paid advertising campaigns and more. Things that matter to your business.

  • Limitless advantages:Social media marketing gives you additional advantages for your business. Compared to the cost, the return on investment while saving effort and time is great. If you want to get these benefits with an affordable cost, you have to hire specialized digital marketing experts, why waste your opportunity to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and gain sales by trying to do it alone? Request our professional social media marketing services now.
  • 24 Hour Marketing:Social media gives you the advantage of being in plain sight 24 hours, as long as your audience is using the internet, they can reach you easily, and this gives you more power and more sales.
  • Connect with your Target Audience:You can reach your target audience with a strong social media presence. The same audience does not exist on all different social media platforms. To achieve the best result, you may need to use Twitter marketing - Instagram marketing - Snapchat marketing and others. As a social media management company, we take on this challenge, our diverse experiences allow us to tie everything together to achieve the best results.

Managing Social Media Pages

Facebook management

With over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook has the capabilities and flexibility to serve all businesses from small businesses to large corporations.
You can get the benefits of Facebook marketing by subscribing to our services, where we provide you with creative content strategy, comment monitoring, messages, paid ads, and other services.

Twitter management

Twitter helps you expand your reach and build your brand personality. Whether you need social media management for a large organization or a small business, our Twitter management experts help you create a solid Twitter marketing strategy.

Instagram management

About a third of the 1 billion monthly active Instagram users have purchased a product through the app.
We create a strong brand presence across the app to achieve your sales goals.

TechStream has extensive experience in improving the visual content of your brand, we adapt everything to serve you.

LinkedIn management

Our experts have found that LinkedIn is the perfect place for B2B businesses to force executives and decision makers to partner with.
At Tech Stream, we benefit from LinkedIn marketing solutions for leading organizations.

Our range of LinkedIn management services are designed to enhance your brand credibility, prove your thought leadership, outperform your competitors, and gain market trust.

YouTube management

YouTube business marketing success is a sure thing, but it depends on how well you produce videos that relate to user searches.
You can give your brand this powerful marketing weapon by including technical search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in your channel.
Our YouTube management approach does the work for you, finding the most appropriate video titles and descriptions to match your video uploads.

Tik Tok management

TikTok has rapidly evolved from a startup app into a global platform, and has helped a lot of companies and businesses lately.
Leverage TikTok marketing solutions for your business to target and establish a real connection with your audience. Entrust social media content management to our professionals who understand how this massive platform works.

What do we offer you in social media marketing services?

At Tech Stream we take a holistic approach to successfully managing our clients’ social media accounts. Our team combines paid and free solutions to deliver the best and most profitable results.

  • Create the strategy:A map or plan that contains your social media goals, the steps needed to achieve them, and the corresponding timeline and metrics to track progress. Social media marketing is not complete without mentioning the strategy. It's the master plan, which helps you visualize what running a social media business might look like for you. Some of the key factors we work to consider in creating the plan are: who your audience is, the types of content you need to produce, and the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to measure.
  • Create directed creative content:We have a team of creative content writers working on creating a comprehensive content plan to target your audience and build loyalty to your brand. We create all types of content "written content - graphic designs - marketing videos".
  • Interact and share:We're good at responding to comments, questions, interactions with social media content, profiles, and the ongoing conversations that fans start. Studies show that on average two-thirds of consumers want to be associated with brands, and that's what we strive to acquire.
  • Analytics monitoring:Collect and check data against metrics to ensure results are achieved. We don't work on results, we let data drive your business. You can monitor important metrics on your chosen platforms, such as engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), impressions and click-through rates (for targeted social ads). And other measures that make us reassured that we are on the right path.

At Tech Stream, we offer the best integrated e-marketing services. We also offer SMS marketing services, Google Ads services, WhatsApp marketing, and other integrated services.

Tech Stream Team