Do you want to be the first thing your audience sees on Google?

In fact, the world is witnessing a great development towards digital solutions for everything, after the great revolution that the world has witnessed in the past few years and the trend towards e-marketing in a big way, and the creation of a great competitive climate between companies to win customers, the value of websites and smart applications and their importance to companies has increased and everyone is competing for The lead in the various search engines to win the first appearance of the customer when searching on the Internet, and as a result, sales increase.

Let’s start the search engine rankings journey

What are search engines?

Search engines are programs designed in a special way to arrange and store results and pages across the Internet to show them appropriately to a visitor looking for a result of some information.

Without search engines, there is no point in having different websites because you will not be able to reach what you want.
Search engines are very similar to the index of a book, making it easier for you to enter each site separately and browse its pages in search of an answer to your questions or in search of a specific product.
With the increase in Internet sites and updates that take place every day, even every minute, the importance of search engines has increased.

Among the most popular search engines now:

Google. Yahoo! Bing. LiveSearch. DuckDuckGo.

However, the owner of the largest share in use within the search engines is the search engine (Google), which occupies more than 67% of the search engine market, as a result of its continuous development and its service to the researcher in all ways.

What are the methods of marketing on search engines?

The method of marketing on search engines is to improve the results of your site to appear on the first page results, and even the first result with time and successful continuous work.

Addressing the search engines, gaining the continuous trust of the search engine, and being ranked in the first results is an important requirement for every website owner, and you should know that recent research indicates that users focus on the first six results and neglect the rest, so the website owner must work to raise the visibility of his site in The search engine results page, and this is provided by the Tech Stream team, experts in preparing websites for search engines.

How do we help you to be in the forefront of search engines?

In Techstream, we use the best methods of search engine marketing, whether it is paid methods or site optimization for search engines in a free way.

The first method of marketing on search engines:

  • Paid method: (PPC)It is an abbreviation for the term “pay per click”, which means paying for a click, and this method aims to obtain a lot of visitors for your website in a paid way, as advertising is done through the search engine and a paid advertising campaign is created that aims to appear in the first three results by using keywords specific to your activity. When the user searches for these words, your site appears among the first of these results. Although these campaigns cost money, it is an easy and fast way to get a large number of visitors and gain the trust of the search engine and the trust of visitors, respectively. One of the most popular types of paid advertising that we use on search engines (PPC) is Google ads through the paid advertising platform “Google AdWords”.

The second method of search engine marketing:

  • The free way is to prepare your site for search engines: (SEO)For advertisements, as in the paid method, and this method works in short to prepare your site internally to reach a good ranking on search engines through several factors that are used to prepare your site for search engines.

These factors are:

On-page SEO:

The internal SEO of your site consists of several elements that must be used correctly, which is what the SEO team at Techstream is good at.

Internal SEO Elements:

  • Meta tag
  • Title.
  • Description
  • Internal Links
  • Tags Keywords
  • Website content and internal pages.


SEO off page:

It is everything that refers to your site outside this site, such as references to site articles via social media or through other sites, which is called backlinks.

Domain Age:

One of the most important elements of SEO and leading search engines, which many may overlook, although it is the first thing that is chosen in the steps to create the site is the domain, and the older the domain of your site, the more confidence it gives you to Google and makes your access to the first results in a shorter period.

Why use search engine marketing with the Tech Stream team, the best SEO company in the UAE?

  • Everyone now uses the search engine to reach the results they want, whether it is information, products, or services. Therefore, marketing through search engines gives you greater access to customers, "You may have come to this page specifically through the search engine"!!
  • Recent studies indicate that most of the customers who got acquainted with commercial activities and actually dealt with them via the Internet got to know them through websites and not through social media, as some think.
  • Websites are the best and easiest way to deliver value to your customers, as your brand's marketing message is communicated in a better way.
  • The site gives the customer all the information he needs in an easy and convenient manner. Therefore, the completion of purchase and sale deals is more than other means of marketing.
  • Increasing the publicity of your brand dramatically and quickly. Recent studies have shown that search engines raise the level of brand awareness by 220%, especially the initial results that appear at the beginning of the search engine results pages.
  • Websites are one of the most accurate marketing methods in targeting. Whenever you choose keywords accurately, the customer who comes to you through them is a targeted customer who is looking for you, not you.
  • The use of search engine marketing saves a lot of money, as it does not require many expenses to the extent that it requires effort and experience to achieve this.

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Tech Stream Team